Unleash the monster…it’s cookie time.

Believe it or not but the Dutch are very sweet. To prove my point just take a look at our cookies.
Standing at the cookie isle of our local grocery store it’s impossible for me to decide which one to take home. Perhaps we simply have too many flavours to choose from? Call it a luxury problem, but it’s there for real.



To determine if something is of Dutch origin or not can also prove to be a challenge, as was the case with cookies. I had to go to foreign websites to discover which cookies are typical Dutch and from there I chose my personal top three.

My favourite typical Dutch cookies

1. Stroopwafel (syrup waffle)
I believe the Stroopwafel is by far the most well-known Dutch cookie. And basically, that’s one cookie everybody must try.
Invented over 200 years ago in Gouda, the Stroopwafel consists of two thin crisp spiced waffles with thick, caramel like syrup in between. Since the Dutch love this cookie so much it’s available in every grocery store in the Netherlands.

stroopwafel_syrup waffle


But if you really want to have good taste of this delight, go to the market (once a week in every city) and hope you find a stand where they make fresh hot Stroopwafels on the spot. Guaranteed you’ll be back for it.

2. Speculaas (ginger bread or windmill cookie)
Speculaas are ginger bread cookies which are usually windmill shaped and therefore characterising the Dutch nationality. They were traditionally baked on or just before St. Nicholas’s feast (December 5th) but nowadays, like the Stroopwafel, Speculaas is available 24/7 at any grocery store.

speculaas_ginger bread cookie


We Dutch also tend to eat these cookies on our sandwich. This might sound strange to you, but boy is it tasty!

3. Gevulde koek (literally: filled cookie)
This Dutch delight really is a treat. This large filled cookie is a crumbly, buttery, tender dough with an almond filling. In my book this cookie is even better than the Stroopwafel. Have a gevulde koek with a strong cup of coffee and you will forget your troubles for a moment.

gevulde_koek_almond filled cookie


That’s it for my favourite top three Dutch cookies.
I could stop writing now but that wouldn’t feel right. My gut tells me there’s something missing?

But of course, the Culinary Climax! But how to get there?
(This is me contemplating, so please pause with me for a minute).

Got it! I am going to give my favorite cookies the names they should have had in the first place. So here they are;

Stroopwafel: Between the Sheets
Gevulde Koek: Buttery Nipple
Speculaas: Sex on the Beach

Aaahh, much better!
Cigarette anyone?


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